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Artist Bio

  Crystal Jackson is a competitive Professional/Amateur Ballroom Dancer and creator of "Black to Ballroom". Competing in both American Rythm and American Smooth, she continues to bring excitement to the dance floor with her own unique style and grace. In addition to competing, she created her YouTube channel to provide insightful insider tips and tricks about the world of ballroom and inspire people that no matter what their background is, ballroom is for everyone. 


Crystal's Journey

Crystal Jackson has been inspiring others through dance since 2018. Continuously growing, expanding and fine-tuning her craft, Black to Ballroom strives to make a difference through every competition, performance and YouTube video.


To learn more about her artistry, abilities, and accomplishments, get in touch today.


Where I started

Winter of 2006

Crystal's first ballroom dance lesson was at U Can Dance Studio in her hometown St. Louis Missouri. Through group lessons, she was introduced to several different dances such as the cha cha, swing, mambo and the waltz. After college, she started taking salsa lessons at the local salsa club, Viva, and it was there when that spark of dancing was reignited in her. She joined salsa and bachata dance teams, performed at several different congresses but longed for more. She wanted to be a competitor. It wasn't until she moved to Florida and joined Fred Astaire Dance Studio-FWB that she started to learn what being a competitor really meant and ever since, she hasn't stopped dancing. 


Where I Am

Winter of 2023

Residing in the city of Las Vegas, she currently trains and compete as a Professional/Amateur Ballroom dancer with her dance partner, instructor and owner of VZ Dance Studios Vartan Zakhariants. She competes in American Rhythm and American Smooth and has competed in several competitions domestically and internationally. She trains several times a week striving to improve her skills and techniques for each competition with hopes in becoming one of the top Pro/Am competitive dancers.


Where I am Going

2023 and Beyond

Throughout Crystal's dance journey, she noticed there was such a small amount of representation of black women in the ballroom community and wanted to find a way to be able to show others that no matter where you are from, no matter your background or financial status, you too can ballroom dance.  She created "Black to Ballroom" because it represents who she is as a black female dancer in the ballroom community, and she wanted a way to reach all different types of dancers providing them with information that she wishes she had known about throughout her ballroom dance journey in order to help others become successful in their journey. 

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